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Export Packing Dubai

Export Packing Dubai

Export packing requires planning in which one has to decide whether to go for the in house solutions or it has to be outsourced. The export packaging is important for both commercial and residential purposes.

Significance of export packing Dubai for commercial purposes

For the commercial purpose the importance of packaging lies in that once the goods are manufactured then it should reach to the end consumer without any damage, so this requirement is fulfilled with the help of a good quality export packing. This packaging is not only limited to the quality but there should be proper labelling to meet the custom requirements. This labelling could be done with the help of stickers or self-printed label on corrugated boxes also can be obtained to cope with the custom requirements.

These labels could be handling marks, made in country, number of package and size of case, and consignee’s mark destination and other numbers.

If the export is done by the sea route then the most important thing is there should be 3 inches space between the floor and packaging stack so the fork lift may pick up the load regardless the packaging like of wooden or corrugated box material. The cargo should packed with the insulation of polythene so the packing should not receive any moisture or water because this may affect the product packed inside the packaging.

If the hazardous material should be packed properly for export and it should be labelled well in order to reflect ‘handle with care’, so to serve the purpose the stickers also can be used. The name of the consigner and consignee should also be stuck to the boxes because this is an important measure according to the custom according the globe. Export packing Dubai for fruits and vegetables is done with the corrugated box or wooden crates.

Dubai's 2020 foreign trade excluding oil trade reached AED 1.182 trillion, with an approximate volume of 100 million tonnes, and an overall favorable balance of payments. With the increasing exports of non-oil commoditiesand a stable economy, many local businesses are flourishing. This is a very encouraging sign for the local packaging industry, and packaging services sector. Different kinds of commodities, daily transit, and exit, Dubai ports. These commodities require different packaging solutions, depending on the nature and size of the goods. Our Export Packing Dubai Service offers versatile solutions for exporters.

Our packaging is made with top quality materials, and available in different sizes according to the customer's requirements. The quality of the packaging and fulfilling complete packing requirements are indispensable for the safe transportation and delivery of goods at the intended destination. We can handle consignments of all kinds and sizes، our staff is well trained and experienced to manage packaging operations with utmost care and responsibility. We understand the importance of deadlines and time frames in foreign trade and export operations, our disciplined and punctual staff makes sure that you miss no shipping deadlines, and there is no harm to your credibility and reputation.


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