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It is very important to keep your furniture safe and the walls of new destination house from the impact of furniture. So in this piece of content there would be a brief account on how to pack a chair in order to haul it to long distance.

A chair could a dining chair, living room, or office chair. So we start packing with the blankets and for this one need stand behind the chair and put the blanket at the max and leave only one foot in height from the floor on back. Put the blanket in the middle balancing its size on left and right of the chair. Whilst to this maintain your position behind the chair, now take a tape and wrap it few rounds over the top portion of the blanket and this is done to hold the blanket in the same position.

Push the blanket inside the chair and move to the bottom and now take right and left side corners of the blanket lying on both the sides of chair. Hold both corners and fix it behind the chair properly covering the bottom of the chair. To maintain the blanket in the same position the tape is used firstly to hold the middle and bottom portion of the blanket. This way the professional movers in Dubai firstly cover the top portion or the back rest of the chair. Never the blanket on the legs are taped together or individually but the legs should be taped with the blankets in pairs.


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