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It is challenging to move furniture to a new home because while doing this no one would like to damage the new property along with the furniture. But moving heavy pieces might become a challenge or it could be cumbersome, so its movement might damage the walls or the floors of the new location. To avoid this you need to take heed on the useful hacks on the movement of furniture without any damage inflicted on a new property.

It is wise to carry the lighter item around the house which is not cumbersome for you and this can be done alone or with the help of your friend. Always double tape the boxes with heavy and sharp boxes because they may not fall out and damage the surface.

While moving furniture Dubai plan everything before hand

It is also important to measure your furniture before moving to a new location because many times the furniture is found to be broader than the entrance of the new location. This may put you in dilemma with your furniture at the eleventh hour and you will fail bring any beneficial solution at the same moment on the furniture that refused to enter the new location because of its size.

Save your energy and nerves by observing the dimension of the entrance and the furniture to ensure that it may not fail to enter in any orientation. Furniture sliders and their use is like a boon when it comes to move the heavy pieces of furniture. These sliders especially protect the floor from unnecessary damage and the use of dolly also cannot be ignored as they can be used while moving furniture Dubai one place to another. The above tips are some of the important observations done by the good moving companies.

In a complete process of moving a furniture no matter in what shape and size it is going to be we firstly have to cover the furniture with the car board from the bottom side but before doing this we consider removing the peripheral legs from the sofa so we may wrap the bottom with the card board easily, and the card board may also work effectively. Then we a dust prevention wrap to the sofa. After the dust prevention wrap we put the blanket to cover the furniture and these blankets are especially made for the Dubai furniture movers. Being one of the best furniture movers in Dubai Marina we wrap the furniture with wrapper sheet and then the furniture is again wrapped with the air tight cover to save the furniture from the moisture outside even if the furniture is to be stored for the long time.

PM Overs know that if the firm wants to maintain the status of the best furniture movers Dubai then the firm has to walk an extra mile in compare to the other vendors or furniture movers Dubai usually do. PM Movers think differently to satisfy the need of their clients.


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