Relocation Services

Relocation Services

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Shifting from one place to another is called relocation and this activity can take place for a residence and office as well. So the relocation services in Dubai can be classified into two main categories that are personal relocation and commercial relocation.

So if we talk about the relocation packages there are some important facts that everyone should know and prior to even considering a relocation package. All the relocations are complicated and the packages are different and the more information you know going into it better off you will be once the package is actually presented to you. Relocations are offered by the companies in two separate forms one is that the company offer cash or the company offer the formalized comprehensive relocation packages.

The companies involved in the relocation services offer the sell side assistance and buy side assistance. Most of the people are unaware of their eligibility for the package so in order to qualify the formalized relocation package their commutes of the new company they are interviewing with, so their commute to that new company must be fifty miles or longer than their current commute. So if your current commute is 30 miles and your new company is only seventy miles from your location which is only the forty miles difference in commutes and therefore you would not qualify for formalized relocation package.To qualify this the new company should be atleast eighty miles or more to qualify such term. To understand more contact us.


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