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 Shipping Dubai To UK
Custom mandates for Shipping Dubai to UK

If you are thinking to import into United Kingdom then it is essential that you should have knowledge of custom mandates. So if you are in intention to import the goods into the UK then you should take heed on the custom check list.

The first question is that what one needs while importing the goods into the United Kingdom. The first of all one needs EORI or Economic Operator Registration & Identification Number which is something custom uses to keep a close eye or track the consignment. This number can be obtained by applying on the HMRC website within 3 to 5 working days.

The customs commodity code is also important, which is something the custom needs because this how one declares that what the products are to be imported. This information includes ingredients, date on the pack because on the basis of the duty, levy or VAT is paid, and also that the product is good for the human consumption or not. These information help the authorities to charge the levy, duty or VAT accordingly depending on the various defined parameters.

So it can be concluded easily that different kind of products have different numbers and if the product that you are importing does not match with the list then the other product in proximity with this product to be imported is considered to assign the number.

Information on the packaging material for Shipping Dubai to UK

The wood or corrugated boxes endure the information in the form of numbers and phrases. The simple reason behind it is that the custom authorities will identify it perfectly. A good pack and move company owns an import license for import services into UK. The UK custom is concerned that nothing hazardous should enter their country.

The most challenging part of the international moving process is that each state has its own unique port customs even in terms of packaging style and packaging materials. The moving mostly is done through the sea routes so the each item should be pranked professionally and with the intense care. The first and foremost priority of the PM Movers is to keep your all the belongings same until the destination. We use the export quality packaging material among which one of the famous is the breathable bubble blanket. To keep all your items safe from any possible accidental damages so all the fragile or delicate items are packed into the boxes that are designed bespoke to serve the purpose of security. If you want all your items to be loaded before your eyes into the shipping container then we can do it before you.

You need to understand that if the shipping is done dedicated then the container will contain your items only, and if it is shared container then your house hold items will be kept with the items of other clients’ items. PM Movers are dedicated and diligent while serving the clients and are famous for the Shipping Dubai to UK.


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